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In today's fast paced environment, businesses and individuals are under increasing pressure to keep pace with varied financial demands including flexibility and profitability. WB Lending Solutions delivers holistic consulting services to bring together your Accounting, Legal and Financial professionals to create strategic and profitable improvements in your financial picture.






Our history goes back to 1972, we are highly rated by our clients. We are not attorneys or CPAs, our focus is holistic to demystify and clarify the big picture. We provide outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to principles including Integrity, Responsiveness and Knowledge.


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A Volunteer Community Project we are working on in June.

Wednesday June 16, 2021 3:30pm PST - 5:00pm PST

April 2020

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WB Lending Solutions grants a request from the City and County of San Francisco for Coronavirus 19 Pandemic Financial Services and Housing research data.

COVID19 and Property Owners cash flow strategies...


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Which option idea should you use? It depends. The wrong option could be like “Catching A falling knife”, the right option could be a major recovery.



Option 1- Make all mortgage payments.

Option 2- Refinance mortgage and get additional reserve cash.

Option 3- Ask your lender for a short term forbearance. 

Option 4-  Negotiate with your lender for long term loan modification with payment moratorium.

Option 5- Do nothing.


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   Credit  Management Strategies for           Small Business Owners

   Loan Modification Strategies for                 Challenged Property Owners

   Credit Score Increase Strategies

   Strategic Planning


   Asset Management


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   Public Speaking


2020 -WB Lending Solutions/ WB Strategies at Viacom / KPIX Channel 5 Television studio headquarters in San Francisco discussing Home Finance trends. 


Present from left to right: Devin Fehely News Anchor, Allan Martin News Anchor, Michael DeFlorimonte The Registry, Walter Brown, Jr. DE WB Lending Solutions/ WB Strategies

Urban Financial Services Coalition Annual Summit 2017


WB Lending Solutions was pleased to present the Vice Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Mr. Thomas Hoenig to the Urban Financial Services Coalition Annual Summit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 2017.


 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation supervises over 5,800 different banking institutions with over 4.8 Trillion Dollars in insured deposits. 

 WB Lending Solutions was instrumental in crafting the questions presented to Mr. Hoenig in his remarks to the Financial Professionals from across the United States in attendance which ranged from Mortgage Finance, Bank Board Governance to Cyber Security. 

 WB Lending Solutions believes that continuing involvement in Financial Services professional development is vital for maximum effectiveness in customer service.

Facing Foreclosure? Don't Just Sit There—Act Now

Walter Brown, Jr. DE, Urban Financial Services Coalition

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013 |


A shocking 2012 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, University of Chicago and Ohio State University estimates that over 800,000 foreclosures that were done between 2009 and 2010 were done in error ... much like a doctor amputating the wrong leg. (Chicago Tribune 9/20/12).


Studies show that higher rates of home owners in a neighborhood versus renters generally result in better property maintenance, school quality, crime rates and tax base stability.

Higher amounts of rentals generally have the opposite effect.


Home foreclosures can result in neighborhood property devaluation, neighborhood blight, increase in crime, government tax base erosion, family discord and health issues.


Studying the past can help us stay out of hot water

By Walter Brown Jr, guest commentary © 2015 Bay Area News Group


Confucius said: "Study the past if you would define the future."

According to a local March 4 newspaper report, in 2009, the Federal Reserve was not sure of what remedies to apply to help the U.S., and by extension, the distressed world economy. They were very worried. The economy was still falling, and giant corporations such as AIG, Bank of America, General Motors and others were still in trouble.

The Fed had not "broken the code" to reverse the economic decline.

Many minority and working-class households were taking record financial losses during this period with job layoffs, work-hour reductions and foreclosures.




Professionals share ideas, information at free workshop for distressed mortgage holders

By Dana Guzzetti  -   Correspondent  EAST BAY TIMES


The clock is ticking on more than 800 notices of default (NOD) filed against Concord homeowners. There are 6,721 NODs in process throughout Contra Costa County, according to the Feb. 1 reports.


There are strategies homeowners can use to get through the current home finance crisis. A group of volunteer professionals are sharing those ideas and information at a free community workshop Feb. 18 for distressed mortgage holders that will be held at the Salvation Army Church community room in Concord.


Despite news of recent government proposals, homeowners struggling with high payments on loan amounts exceeding their home's current value may not expect new programs to be a magic bullet that will save them, according to attorney and workshop panelist, Brian A. Ripley.

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