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Practice Areas

WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies provides mortgage funding, underwriting, audit, consulting, oversight, strategic planning, asset management and workout for residential and commercial properties. WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies simplifies the clients' experience with a team of sharp industry professionals who are results oriented.
Credit management  Strategies for Small Business Owners


Access to credit funding for business operations and expansion continues to be a major issue for Small Businesses in the United States and the Bay Area.

Business Owners need to know what the financing climate is now and what creative and proven strategies can be used to take care of funding needs. We address growing issues individually and in a seminar format, which draws upon over 40 years of corporate and private insights creating new concepts and opportunities for Small Business Owners.


Loan modification Strategies for challenged property owners


Challenged homeowners have, sadly, been disserviced by mortgage servicers since 2008 in ways that have not been seen since the great depression.

Our programs and services empower challenged property owners to take more control of the conversation as they advocate for their own rights to improve their financing loan terms and prevent foreclosure. 


Credit score increase Strategies


Businesses and consumers are heavily affected by their credit reports. This affects the cost of loans, credit cards, insurance and other opportunities.

Our approach outlines an evaluation of your financial portfolio and offers multiple strategies to use in managing and improving a business credit profile.



Mortgage Funding

​"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything" -Wyatt Earp

Organizations and property owners who are involved in mortgage transactions (purchase, refinance or loan modification/ workout) have a number of major issues to manage from financial and administrative perspectives.

Those issues can make the difference between having a winning audit or, on the other hand, not having a successful experience.

WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies assists by auditing the financial and administrative aspects of mortgage funding. Our services have saved organizations and property owners millions of dollars in potential operational losses.


Public Speaking

Walter is a 30 plus year financial services veteran with expert experience in all phases of mortgage management and operations. WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies, Walter Brown is National President of Urban Financial Services Coalition, Past San Francisco Bay Area Chapter; President, and Western Regional Officer. Organization performance and public media exposure increased by 570 percent during his tenure; three national programs were introduced by Mr. Brown, including the Annual Economic Strategic Summit and the UFSC Mortgage Crisis Task Force.


Schedule a WB Lending Solutions Team Member as a speaker at your National or Regional Conference. We are developing a busy schedule, in 2018 which includes:


  • Walter Brown Jr. will be discussing the topic: "Success lessons for consumers and professionals from the Mortgage Crisis" on an Urban Financial Services Coalition National Webinar August 3, 2018. Go to for registration information.

  • WBLS Partner Briefing, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero San Francisco, October 19, 2018

Asset Management

"If everybody is thinking alike, then someone is not thinking." -Patton

Organizations and property owners benefit from our audit of their business operating plan. We often find that the experts managing the operating plan are not aware of all the profit opportunities that are present. This can include a tax strategy that has not been discussed or an out of date contract.

Having an objective audit review completed by WB Strategies produces handsome rewards to an organization or property owner.

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