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Our Firm

WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies simplifies the clients' experience with a team of sharp industry professionals who are results-oriented. We provide assistance to individuals and organizations in mortgage funding, loan workout and modification, underwriting, audit, consulting, oversight, strategic planning, asset management and workout for residential and commercial properties.
WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies history started back in 1972. Since that time, consumers have seen chaotic changes and consequences including an all-time high Federal Reserve prime interest rate of 20 percent in 1980 and the most severe economic crisis since the depression of the 1930s during 2008. Our serving clients successfully during that time span indicates a high level of financial consulting skill within our firm. 

WB Lending Solutions | WB Strategies is a group of financial services consultants that practice holistic analysis strategies in advising groups including closely-held corporations and family trusts. We collaborate with attorneys and CPAs when appropriate to develop smart financial solutions for our clients' planning needs. This high level of service has resulted in our receiving over 90% of our new business introductions from existing client referrals.

We believe that educating the client with honest communication based on current industry best practices is a vital part of an easier and proven customer service process.
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