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Reference letters 2020

I have had the pleasure of working with Walter Brown for the past 20 years.

He has helped me and as well as my client's resolve mortgage problems, find mortgage loans and /or restructure them.


As a real estate lawyer, it is essential to have a team of financial professionals to refer my clients to and Walter has proven time and time again to be indispensable member of the team.


His vast experience and remarkable network enhances the speed in which he can get things resolved.

Having witnessed myriad crafted solutions by Walter, I have gained the utmost confidence in his work and work ethic.

                                    - Elaine L.


Hello Walter and Staff, 


Thank you both so much for the amazing work on my loan application to refinance my home.  I came back to your company after my refinance application with a direct lender was declined in the 11th hour after an initial approval.  Your company stepped in and quickly accepted my loan application package, reviewed the package for completeness and placed it with a lender within 24-hours.  


My application was placed with a lender you knew would get a quick loan approval.  Then your team worked diligently with the lender and me to make sure all requested documents were received timely.  In so doing so, your team was instrumental in me getting an approval in 8 days; and the loan closed (with my requested rate and cost) in 20 days!  I'm still amazed!


Please know that I will send all my friends and family members looking for a mortgage loan to WB Solutions!  Because, you have a lock on the mortgage solution!  


Good job!  

J. L. Johnson

Happy & Satisfied Customer

...Walter's experience and qualifications to do what he is doing with property owners in trouble comes across
 from the very first meeting. He is so knowledgeable about the system and how it works. And there is truly a
passion for helping people that comes across in everything he does.
 He knows how to call a lender's bluff and be in their face all at the same time but with such a maddening
 (for them)diplomatic finesse, we believe he should be a candidate for the next Secretary of State.
 And yet, he also knows how to calm homeowners who are stressed by daily collection calls with a call for courage to go on. We're not
 sure what we would have done without him during the past year and, for the moment, we still have our home. However
 this thing turns out, he will always have our gratitude and respect going far beyond the money we have paid him.

 Would every business have this kind of expertise and professional ethics as this one. We strongly and heartily recommend
 Walter and WB Lending Solutions.
 Ron H.
 Walnut Creek, CA

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